BlackBoard is a design tool for perfboards and electrical circuits written entirely in Java

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BlackBoard Circuit Designer


Blackboard is intended for the hobby enthusiast and should help building prototypes on so called breadboards easily.

Currently BlackBoard provides the following features:


Perfboard Editing

Schematics Editing

NGSpice simulation

Scale Editing

Symbol Editing

Part Library

This is an eclipse project, simply import it into the workspace.

In order to build blackboard, you’ll need ANT to be installed. Alternatively you can build it from within eclipse. With ANT you simply change to the BlackBoard directory and type “ant”.


All data is now stored and retrieved from users home directory. Users which use nigthly builds or the sources must copy the directories symbols, models, parts, datasheets and simulators to the folder USER_HOME/.BlackBoard


To get Blackboard running an installed Java Runtime 8 is mandatory. This will change in the near future.


$ git clone 
$ cd blackboard
$ ant 
$ cp -R models ~/.BlackBoard
$ cp -R symbols ~/.BlackBoard
$ cp -R parts ~/.BlackBoard
$ cp -R datasheets ~/.BlackBoard
$ cp -R simulators ~/.BlackBoard


$ java -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true -jar dist/lib/BlackBoard.jar

Important Notes

In order to run the simulation, you must run blackboard as Administrator.


Find the german manual here: